Oh, Dag, what do you have there?



The lipstick is all natural and organic, only oils and waxes and pigment, so it's totally harmless - but that doesn't make it any less red.

If given a chance the little eager rascal sticks his hands into my purse; the make up bag and wallet (all the cards! The coins! The receipts! Wonderful and forbidden!) being his favourite; he takes them out and pulls everything apart. Now he has also learned how to open my vanity table drawer... Whenever I take out and open up my make up bag he is very quick to try and snatch something from there and study it real hard. And, apparently now also try to do what I do! (Well of course he does.) He loved red things already as a little baby, tomatoes, red nails, red lips, the red Christmas envelopes, so the lipsticks and tinted balms are in the hazard zone. This is not the first lipstick that ended up in a mash on the floor, but it is the first time it went in his face! Perhaps a little future clown, hmmm? Or dragqueen!