About five o'clock, a sleeping toddler, the daily paper and a new magazine the mailman brought, tea and a raw food pastry from the fridge. I have lots of work to catch up to but taking a mini break of calmness in between.

(Not that a calm moment blogged about really is 100% pure calm as one really does do the blogging too; photos and typing and such. But close enough.)

It's semi-crappy weather outside, quite raw and wet, but colorfur and pretty too. We went out for a while with Dag during the day and now it feels awesome to be on the warmer side of the window, looking out and sipping my tea. One of the absolute best autumn things to do.

I've had a flu for over a week and I always crave black currant tea when ill.  I pimped my cup of such up with spiced honey; cardamom  cinnamon and clover. 

I have had the fridge filled with the rawfood pastries that were left over our  restaurant day popup café. It's practical with raw sweets as they are easily frozen. Digging in on the last ones now!

I made the pastries inspired by a recipe from the book Raw Delight:
For the crust you'll need almonds and hazelnuts, a dash of some good salt (I have himalayan salt), a few drops of water and a soft date or two, then you grind it together quite roughly in you mixer.

Put a spoonful of the crust in pastry (or silicone) molds, press with your finger to form a little pot.

Make the filling out of mashed berries and dried, soaked dates. Seriously, date-mash and berries makes an awesome jam. Slurp! My filling is made of raspberries, but blackberries for example work well too. Spoon the jam in the molds over the crust and smooth it out a bit.

Finally, the chocolate icing is made of coconut oil, (raw) cocoa powder and some sweetener; honey or agave syrup. I put in a spoonful of cocnut sugar (dried nectar from coconut flowers) too. Warm the coconut oil up until it melts and mix in the rest. Pour it on the pastries and let cool. Done!

You can make these even if you don't own a mixer, a hand mixer for the dates and berries will do. You can use chopped hazel nuts and finely ground almonds, or chopped versions of both nuts and mash them a little finer in a cloth with a hammer.