While the big, main house at my family's summer stay in the archipelago is from the 1920's,  the smaller house, or, cottage actually, is from the late 1800's. The roof on the house was fixed due to a leak this summer and a piece of candy paper found, from sweets someone who opened up the roof the last time, probably in the twenties,  had been munching on. He probably didn't give much thought that his lazy gesture of just leaving the Praliné paper there would be the sour of light fascination almost one hundred years later. Well, summer houses are always filled with old items from generations back, pots and pans, that t-shirt mom ued to have that she also had in potos from before I was, old childhood toys that are still around only a bit less colorful today. But all of those are items of use and used by us, this candy paper is totally random and basically just trash, from someone unknown and long dead, but still rather sweet (in a double meaning :)

An old tin can of Bonnie Lee "it pops!"-popcorn that my sister came upon when re-organising the stashes in my grandparents' cabin. My grandmother's shelves were where you could find packages dating back to before you were born. Often with the stuff still in it... My grandparents lived, among may places, in the US in the 50's and the 60's and some bottles and jars where even from back then. Like many adults that, especially over here, lived trough ww2 they didn't really ever throw anything away.

My father-in-law brought me this old coca cola bottle that popped up from the dirt when he was harvesting a field. The text is printed on the glass and not the label. Again, funny to think someone had his or hers cola in a hot day and tossed the bottle away to then be found some thirty-fortyyears later.

Also, funny how you don't think something that happened in the eighties would be that long ago, but is already three decades away. And the oh-so-hyped year 2k is thirteen years ago... When I was a kid the fifties was that thirty-years-ago-time. I mindfuck myself by thinking about year and time like that sometimes. For example, when I was born Woodstock and the walk on the moon was twelve years ago, which not that much. Just a few years before Eddi was born. And that was the sixties. Stuff that happened in the sixties is about fifty years ago. (And that's when I go oh my.)