I haven't worn a polka dot dress for a very long time. I think I've felt they are too, umm, dotted (well, duh!). But then again with one of those magical black berets you can calm a lot of those dots down I think. There are very few things a black beret won't make better I think - slap that black piece of wool on and you've either toned down or dressed up your outfit. Still, I feel a bit on the verge of being a little bit all dotted up. The dress has a great cut though, and - I'm probably repeating myself here once again but yes - it also stretches. Happy joy! Well anyway, this polka dot dress is from King Louie and the shoes are all soft and comfy, from Stockmann's from last winter.

I've bought my King Louie dresses straight of their site but you can also get some of them, like this one, from Zalando as well.  Which brings us to the next subject:  the winner's of my Zalando gift card giveaway!  (Yes I did a little -as we say in Finnish and Finnish Swedish, aasinsilta, åsnebrygga- "donkey bridge" here ; meaning steering a subject into another, sometimes more sometimes less smoothly :) And so, here we have it: the two happy readers that were drawn randomly among those who commented are Katja R and Liz ! You will receive mail from me soon!

The last part here is made in collaboration with,  and will hopefully come in handy for my fellow Finns at least;  CupoNation has a set of discounts and codes to use at Zalando, like an exclusive 10% off code. They have a lot of deals for many other online stores too. (For possible discount codes in your own country, you can check