A good tip for a natural - and vintage, if you so prefer - silhouette is to opt for a "regular" classic soft bras that, over here, department stores and supermarkets carry, but that can't really be found in the basic hig street ones (like Lindex etc). The ones that have basically been cut, stitched and sewn the same way for decades, with just upgrades in the material. I've never had any luck with the repro bullet bras out there; I've trie some of them out by buying them online but never found any size that felt or looked good on me.

The story here goes that I picked up a powder colored classic Triumph bra that, when showing it to my fellow girls during a burlesque rehearsal they all found it pretty and deliciously retro. Then I showed it to Eddi and he was all "Well yes, umm,  it's alright I guess. But? After a slight moment of hesitation he decided to go for it "A little granny-ish perhaps"? Mummo.Well, eye roll, perhaps, whatever man, men. And then the next day I went swimming and there was this elderly madame next to me in the dressing room scooping her meter long bosom in to the exact same bra I was wearing. I had a little moment of silent laughter, because he had been sort of right in his comment...

By time I've found it more and more hard in general to find comfortable and well fitting bras, apart from those few fitted and expensive ones I've sometimes treated myself to. Everything is push-up this and that and unless you get superior quality they will turn discomfortable after a little wear. Along with my pregnancy I quit wearing under wire bras for good, as the discomfort grew to big. (And got to notice that good nursing bras are oh so comfy I didn't want to quit wearing them :) So the granny, as in classic, ones have been serving me well, being comfortable and supportive. Plus, like said, giving the right shape for my blouses and dresses.

So next time when on the look out for a bullet bra, or, you're out lingerie shopping and don't feel like going for the padded cups and ball-boobs,  check the next rack and try a classic one on?