It took my brains two days of cold weather, some newsletters and a few magazine ads only to be reminded of the fact (well, those were quite many reminders, actually) that at some point yes autumn will come - and that point is kind of soon thinking of how fast time tends to fly by. So I secretly started going trough my wardrobe and it's existing and non-existing knits in my mind. The warm weather is back -phew-and autumn angst gone but I have to confess I got that knitty-itch already. So I have been browsing, oh yes.

Items above from Boden US.

Boden US -which is my affiliate- has their new autumn collection out which has lots of knits and a lot of the best kind of dresses; comfy but good looking jersey ones.  Many of those with pockets too, may I add. There is a 15% off discount on everything in the new collections until August 19th.

You also get 15%off your purchase at ModCloth (which is also an affiliate of mine) for 24 hours, ending July 24 10:00am some American time. (That would be pacific time; pst, which gives lots of extra hours if you are, say, in Europe.)  The discount code is WOOF15:

You can click the banners to get to the sales!