SUNDAY BAKING pt. Not-Keeping-a-Record-Anylonger : GARDEN PIE

(First I miss-wrote the title "summer baking" which of course would suit this very well too.)

I made a pie of what was to be found in the garden with some bonus strawberries on top, as the ones we had are long gone and eaten by now. Originally this recipe is meant for rhubarb alone, but it works well with other fruit and berries added as well. The original recipe is one from my mother in law but yes, I am that kind of person who absolutely has to go and alter everything so I made a "stronger" version with rye.

I took the last of the rhubarb from the garden and picked a bowl of black currants, wine berries and some random raspberries growing around the berry bushes. For rhubarb only, you will need about 500g. If you like me add more fruit you can of course manage with a little less rhubarb.

For the crust you will need:
1dl sweetener of your choice. I use coconut sugar (which could almost be considered healthy :).
1 dl fine rye flour
0,5dl rolled oats
1,5 dl wheat or spelt flour (you can of course just use 3dl wheat flour too)
1 tea spoon baking powder
a hint of salt
1,2 dl coconut oil or -
/175g melted butter (or margarine)

Mix all the dry ingredients and add the melted coconut oil/butter and put in a mold. I use a silicon one as nothing ever gets stuck to it. Or use a glass one if you plan to serve it straight form the mold.

For the filling; peel and cut the rhubarb into thin slices, put them in a saucepan with a little water and heat up and let cook for a minute or two. Pour the water away and add 1-1,5 dl of whatever sugar you used and add a big spoon of potato flour, stir well. Add the berries and pour the filling in the crust. Put sliced strawberries on top.

Put in a pre-heated over at 200C for about 25 minutes. Let cool a bit before removing it from the mold, otherwise the pie will break.

Serve it warm with ice cream (why not cashew ice cream? ) or put in the fridge for a while or a day and enjoy as it is.