The bathroom on the countryside is basically finished, with some minor things lacking. (Well of course, there's always something left to do). I was totally sure I had a picture from before, when this room was basically just a big hole filled with stuff, but I couldn't find it. Eddi had started turning it into a bathroom many years ago already tearing everything out and doing the pre-work for pipes and tubes and such but that was the stage it was in already when we met. Anyway, here's how it turned out:


I always wanted ot have room (and enough light) for plants in my bathroom.

As with the winfows in all the other rooms too, we need to take them ot at some point and paint them (white). The sole idea of all that work makes me try and live with the color but one day it will have to happen.

The mirror is the old one I've had in a four different apartements already, made from an old frame I found trashd away a long time ago. It still needs hanging on the wall. (And yes I managed to sneak in my hairdo here ;)

Mommy's little "helper".