When it comes to personal style preferences may come and go, the hues may vary so to say but the basic idea stays the same. Well, for me, at least. The past year(s) I have tend to go (back) for more timeless pieces and combos that can be styled into pretty much anything depending on what I'm are feeling for the moment. Because in most cases it is not really about what you wear, but how you wear it and what you wear it with.

Here outfitting myself in a pair of old black shorts (which I rather seldom wear, shorts, in general) and a plain cotton shirt. That depending on what shoes or hair I have with it can look like pretty much anything.

A head scarf can serve as something of an instant retrofier.

While popping Eddi's hat on -I sometimes do here on the farm for no apparent reason- the combo gets kind of young and hipster. (And here young people and hipsters are probably shaking their head 'uuummm... No'. But to my eyes at least!)