I like plants and have a lot of them at home. The most useful plant of those being the aloe plant that now resides in the bathroom in the countryside house.

Most people know aloe is great for skin care as it is found in many products, blend in or by itself. But you can use it directly from the plant, cutting off the lowest leaf close to the root. There is a lot of stuff in one leaf so it will last long. The cut-off leaf can be stored in the fridge.

I use the fresh aloe for irritated skin or burns. I sometimes, in winter especially,  get a very dry scalp and the aloe helps for that. Sometimes I just smack some on my face like a mixture-boost mask. But in our house it's mostly used when minor accidents occur -

the other day I managed to get a nasty burn on my hand from the oven. I cut off a aloe leaf and applied the (rather gooey) gel straight on and the relief really is instant. The burn does not look that bad now either.

I've also chopped some aloe and mixed it in my smoothies.