I got around getting myself a pair of blue jeans, like I had been thinking about and searching for, quite suitably before our summer here got into some kind of syntax error mode and dropped the temperature back to April...

In the end I went for a black horse and did get any of the common brands I'd thought of but grabbed these from Emmy Design instead. They cost a whole lot more than Freddies, Collectif or Vivien's (a swooning 160 euros) but it was not an issue for me this time as I suitably had a gift card to use for Pin-Up Garage, that carries Emmy, that I got for modelling for them once.

These jeans have a hidden zipper inside the pocket which is pretty neat but on the other hand also makes them a bit tricky to close. Otherwise they are great and rather comfy, which you know nowadays is a criteria for me to ever wear anything. I'm still a person with some sort of pants issues though -I always tend to go for the skirts anyway - so now I just have to learn to be practical when needed and actually use my jeans more often than just sometimes.