I always have this idea of catching a slight cold and staying in bed for a few days just drinking hot black currant tea and watching a ton of series. Because then it would really be justified, to just lie there and take it easy, do nothing. It doesn't work that way though, since I either feel too ill to manage watching anything or then would have so much to do I lie there worrying about the time I'm missing out on... And the past year(s) when I've been ill I've had Dag to care for and entertain at the same time so not so much rest for me.

The past days both Dag and I have been ill, and it's been the kind of flue that has kept us sleeping most of the time. So no tea-and-cookies-series marathon for me, this time either... (Hashtag: firstworldproblems)

Apart from the obvious True Detective -Game of Thrones-The Walking Dead- and-so-on super series, here are some funny ones I could marathon when sick/hangover/insomniac...

Arrested Development.
It's probably the most hilarious show I know. I remember watching it on and off when it aired back in the early 00's but didn't catch onto it until just around the end; you can't get it unless you watch it properly. I've rewatched it on Netflix later, they have all the seasons (plus made a new one).


Stumbled across Episodes by accident and it's damn funny! I Think I was able to watch the whole first season on YouTube. Haven't seen the two following, so I suppose I'll aim for that for the next time I'm ill or can't sleep.


Absolutely Fabulous was one of my absolute favourite shows when I was teenager.  I realised it's been forever since I watched it and wondered if it still would work today. Oh yes, Patsy will always be Patsy!