Well alright, time for a little different kind of posing then.

I went to a fab drag event the other night. As there was no idea to compete with the queens when it comes to lashes and lipstick I went the other way instead; in drag. My habitus instantly changes when wearing more masculine clothes, it's not something I even think about that much or try to do. I know that well from the days of harbor work.

(I apparently only have one "man face"... And my glitter nails kind of give it away instantly but, once again: yey for pockets!)

Some makeup in strange places, combing my hair in a way I otherwise would not and in Eddi's clothes - there you have Mr.Freelancer.

The evening ended with a heart breaking proposal on stage between two dear friends of mine so I was  really happy not to wear my normal eye make up when sobbing aonf with everyone else!