I know it's only february but this has been a strange winter so far, and my fingers are crossing that it might even be over soon. The air smells like spring - and not only that, it is starting to look like spring too!

Last year we were still knee-deep in snow in mid April! I like sunny winter days with lots of snow, but as most of my time is not in fact spent hanging out in the countryside in a beautiful winter landscape coming in to chill (or rather, warm up ;) with hot chocolate, I am always eagerly waiting for spring. It can be rather exhausting with a lot of snow when in the city.

Some very sad melting snowmen.
We did a couple of Moomin-characters of snow outside our building it the city, ad Dag keeps on pointing at the spot going "Mooooomin!". He just can't understand why they are no longer there. I also did quite the crappy cat for him and was surprised that he'd gotten it, as he was also searching the small traces of snow for the cat "Naaaau" (as in "meow").

Forgot to take this one in when the snow came, kind of like my bike in the city, but I saved self the trouble now as there'll be use for both soon again. Hehe.

We had a couple of days of sun now and the streets dried up. Which made the feel of spring eve stronger  - I'm really hoping we won't get hit by winter again, even though I know that it usually always comes back one last time. I already managed to get myself into dry streets and spring shoe mode!

And here's a little hello from a pool of what once was snow.