I have this crazy itch in my fingers to reach for the scissors and cut myself a fringe again!

It's probably since my hair is now a nice even length and all the signs of y previous bangs are extinct. I realised it is at least four years already since I started growing out my bangs for the last time. I had them on-off for some six-seven years always a couple of years at a time and a little less in between, always cutting them back just when they could be considered gone...

I also just realised I haven't had my hair cut in bangs in my real colour, ever, just when I was blonde. Well, apart from my kiddo years in the early eighties, with a thick fringe in the front.

So, now I'm almost with the scissors in my hands, trying to decide weather to DO IT DO IT NOW or give it a go with a new pair of clip on bangs instead. Both have their advantages. Hmmmmm....

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My pics are from 2008 and 2009, in case someone felt they absolutely had to know.