I'm off hanging out and posing and later performing at the Kustome Kulture Show now! If you're not into cars and their customisation there are lots of other vendors and stalls for all things retro and repro, like a vintage beauty parlour and mobile pin up photo studio etc.

I have this childish enthusiasm over being at a warm indoor event all day being able to wear some of my summer wardrobe and sandals etc so on I think I'm packing double pairs with me for a possible change. Hehe.

My top and capris are from Vivien of Holloway.

About my bangs-issue; the moment I realised I most likely will cut them back, as some part inside of me is determined to do so,  my terrible itch for grabbing the scissors actually calmed down a bit. This hair-do here is, quite clearly, just  faux rolled bangs. So let's see. In any case I will wait until the cold hat-cap-cover-you-head season is over.

We'll, over and out, see you today, perhaps!