We had to bribe Dag with som Shaun the Sheep in order for him to stay in my tacky Christmas pic. But here we have it: Merry Christmas! Hope you all are having one just the way you like it!

And once you are taking it easy or partying or what it is that you prefer do,  give a little thought to those who are working for our safety also during the holidays, policemen and hospital staff etc. And also those for our comfort; the ones that drive you home from your celebrations in the bus or the cab for example. I spent many Christmases in the harbour as the ships come and go every day so in this rainy weather I give a little extra thought to my former colleagues standing there right now as well. (And of course, those who are alone and not well and all that too - it always gets rather cheesy writing all that out in one multi-sentence, but you know what I mean).

Enjoy yourselves!