I was invited to an entertainment gala last night and as my usual self when over employed  I created a little more work for myself still by making a new dress for the occasion. The theme was "a 1920's twist" so I went for a timeless sparkly dress and put on some twenties' inspired accessories and my vintage art deco jewellery. In my mind the dress would have been ready in half an hour but as I changed my mind a few times along the way it did take me a couple of nights to Finnish. Sometimes with Dag in my lap too ;)

The dress got a tiny little fan tail.

I got the fringe bag in Stockholm about a decade ago; I remember eyeing it in the store every time I was over (which was rather often at that time) but finding it too expensive at the time, until I finally gave in and got it.

I borrowed the turban from an act of ours. On stage we wear this with a big rhinestone-feather clip. It's originally from etsy.

And some dark make up on (was painting on e y e b r o w s when I remembered that "oh! damn, cool down, I am not going on stage tonight". Heh. When performing so often one almost forgets how to put party make up on "normally"...) and I was good to go.