Did I already say I love Christmas holidays? Also the so called "days in between", as those are the ones you get to really take it easy after running around at relatives; read your books, burn your candles, eat your chocolate and marathon watch you series. And the kids play with their toys. (But I kind of broke my own suer-relaxation code and did a quick stop at the gym today  - room for more sweets! And wine.)

There are lots of old pots and pans in the country house that cannot really be used for cooking anymore so I use them as candle holders instead. The baking tin was a little to small for tea candles however, so I put some small rocks in the bottom first to keep the candles steady.

I don't really have much other decorations for the season than lights, and the more neutral ones get to stay up almost all winter long. But once I was at it I made a christmas thing of gold sprayed branches and christmas tree decorations, put them in a Chinese vase we have. When asking Eddi what he thought of it I could almost hear him thinking about which was the right answer until he came up with a "mjaaah?". Hehe.

Dag has been placing his new farm animals in different rows and positions around the room but then he took a break from all organising and just squeezed them a bit. (And now I'm off for some late night marathoning of SOA season 5!)