My days are mostly now spent going from rehearsals to the playground and workouts to teaching, a lot of running from here to there. I'm once again in the state where I feel I almost never have the time to actually wear anything properly. Also, add some puffiness that you might feel every now and then due to different reasons and the result is it would be the smartest to, and you only feel like, going out in gym- or yoga pants.

Which I've done.

But as said before, you can get away with quite a lot if what you wear on top is something totally different and alright. Quite suitably for this fall I picked up a vintage Pendleton jacket (from Red Diva Vintage). So I roll up the edges on the pants and pop on a pair of heels (or, pretty flats, which I know own -heels don't appreciate the soggy or dusty playground sand) to go and no one will ever know. Well, except for now of course.