I got myself a birdie-wrap dress just in time for the last days of summer.
It’s from Love Ur Look and it’s made of a very soft and thin and flowing cotton. Perfect for summer but won’t work too well when winterised, you know, layered with thick stockings and sweaters on and so. So from now on, apparently, it will have to wait for the next warm season.

It was called a ‘wrap dress’ which made me think it would be, well, wrappable, but it was solid with just the front wrapped over the bust. Nothing wrong with that, except for that it was way too big for me to look good. So after thinking about it for about two seconds I grabbed the scissors and cut it in half in the front! Then I cut the belt that came along in half too and attached it at the sides of the dress to be able to wrap and tie it. Plus I took the shoulders and sleeves and the back in a bit too…

...and now it’s rather perfect -it also has pockets too as you see!

TO end this pos I give you a bonus picture of how it most often looks when taking blog photos in our house: