Last weekend we celebrated a sparkly launch of the first Finnish Burlesque-zine, Paljettipommi (the "sequin bomb"). It's created and edited by fellow performer Kiki Hawaij and has small fun contributions form most of the active performers that were around when the scene over here was created, as well as a few longer text on the subject what burlesque really is, and can be at it's best.

Tinker and I, as part of the Rubies, have our own recurring column there on wellness showgirl style and a Q&A section. As it is us, it is of course very tongue in cheek, as you may notice. Here we are demonstrating our so called pin-up abs.

You can read the digital version for free online at

Among the ones commenting on this post I will draw one commenter who will receive a printed copy of the magazine! I will send the copy worldwide but note that the articles are in Finnish, so it will probably bring most joy to one that understands the language...