(…which I kind of dread writing out because that will scare some lesser knowing people away. Well, their loss!)

This is a sort of raw brownie that I make for dessert, as a snack or to go in small bits together with a smoothie for breakfast. I make a big set of it to last all trough the week.  It's so yummy so you fell all "Hallelujah! I will  never need to eat chocolate cake again" when you have it. That is, until you actually have a pice of mud cake and realise butter ad sugar does have it's point too. Well I have a version for that too, but that cake will be for later. Now it's raw brownie-thing time!

You will need:
125g of natural cashews
about the same amount of sunflower seeds
16-22 soft dates (depending on their size and how sweet you want the result to be)
3 tbs chia seeds (optional)
3tbs coconut flakes
3-5tbs of -raw or regular- cocoa powder (depending on how
3 big tbs  of virgin coconut oil
some real vanilla powder
1 tbs lucuma (optional)
1 ts maca root (optional)

Grind the cashews in a mixer semi roughly and add the sunflower (and chia) seeds, blend smooth.

Add all the other dry ingredients. If you didn't add chia seeds you can put an extra spoon of coconut flakes or two. I use five big spoons of cocoa powder, but if you prefer your brownies less dark you can go for a little less. I use lucuma which is sweet and tasty and just put in a little macs because it will go unnoticed and vitamin things up, you you can leave it out or add some other booster if you so prefer. Add the coconut oil, which should be room temperatures; soft and fluffy.

Pit the dates and add them one by one for requited texture and sweetness. If you used less cocoa powder you can manage with a few dates less and vice versa. 

 Your dough should look like this, quite firm and chunky.

 Form the dough into a loaf.
Or, if you prefer a cake, you can press it out into a round mold, or of course roll it ito balls too.

Wrap the loaf in plastic and wait an hour or two before serving.

Cut into bars/slices and enjoy as it is or with some fresh fruit.  And a cup of black coffee. Or strong tea.

The brownies stay well when kept in the fridge for a week at least. You can also freeze slices to take out for later.