Yesterday I did a show at Kokomo, the tiki restaurant.
I always love myself a good excuse to dress up and go all tiki! And to have LOTS of tiki drinks. Especially now in November.

The dress is from Bettie Page clothing, a set I bought just before Dag was born, although then  I of course couldn't use but the top (here). And after the delivery I had to add a safety pin to be able to close this in the waist, and didn't really look that good in it even. But now this one is  already on the bigger side for me. Haha! A great dress none the less, and I absolutetly totally and very much love the pattern. And clashing it with another pattern I love, leopard.

 (I love the fact that I am all back to normal by now but I kind of miss that big belly of mine. Have to do one more round then I guess :)

If somebody wonders the shoes ar a couple of years old or so, bought in Tallinn, and the leopard bow belt is from Carlings, many many years ago. Btw something like 2006 is so long ago already, if you think about it. Not to mention, well, 2003 for example. I didn't even read my email every day back then. Nor have internet of my own in my crib.Whoah.