Alright, everybody gather 'round the table, it's first world club meeting time!

No but really. Remember this thing with 'it's alright to buy new shoes if they are in a colour I don't already own'-thing? That should apply to all shoes except for black and red ones? And winter boots? And possibly something else, if it gets really tight? (Haha). Well some time ago I stumbled upon a pair of very very nice orange heels in a very delicious shade. And for a while it felt like it just had to be done, the button just had to be clicked, orange shoes will solve all problems, ever. The clothing related ones at least. Not so sure about the rest, the economy, world peace  and so on, really. But in the end I actually was able to resist the temptation and now a few days later wonderful pretty perfect orange shoes does not seem that special anymore.

Shoes are really the tricky part, over here at least. Weather wize. I am trying to organize and clean up in the bed room and it is like the shoes in the drawers and on the rack in my closet are all going "Me! Me! Remember me! Wear me!" I am much of  a periodical wearer as in I tend to wear some things a lot for some time and forget about the rest. Combine that with the weather conditions over here a lot of my shoes will have to continue their silent shouting. Funny how one (often, over here, me at least) gets oneself The Winer coat and The Winter Boots; one pair and one pair only, when winter here is almost half of the year. And then those few months of maybe warm, perhaps sunshine, has more than plenty to go with.

These are quite comfy actually but they are so open they are pretty much sandals which is a kind of bye bye after mid Semptember already. Or earlier...

I have always worked a lot with quite little time to strut around in all those nice things that I have and now that I work less I rehears more and push the pram and lots of bags and babies (alright yes, only one baby) around which means still quite little time for most of those pretty shoes. Sniff. And now it's snowing already. Perhaps next spring I can go all latte-mamma and hang around cafées with Dag in my lap and my lovely heels on my feet, a different pair a day. Or then I just have to go to more parties at night. Hah!

My first Parikkas... I used these a lot a few years back while living in the city centre. Nowadays they feel a little posh for that walk to the supermarket, even for me. More parties it is!

And these! Semi-comfy and waterproof! I had forgot about these. They will come around. Soon. Or once the snow goes away.

Obviously, if I would live in a warmer climate somewhere else this would be less of an issues. But then again I'd propably would not have the option of free healthcare and free univeristy studies, and possible huge shitty spiders in the cornerns and earth quakes and so on. So I can bear with it.

Who would ever have thought pale pink shoes would be so hard to wear in the end. Sigh.

And, furthermore, I have to add that the actual issues is just that I have too many shoes.
But do you know which colour the shoes are that I wear all the time? Mostly because those are the heels that are comdy enough to take allt the prams babies and bags, but also because they go with so much. Off white, brown and mint green. Which sort of makes it seem like to orange ones could have a chance? You know, according to some kind of logic. Hmmm...

Do you have more shoes than you can handle?