Has the thought ever occurred to you that we are totally living in the future? I mean, 2012, 2013; how sci-fi doesn't that sound? I think it's weird that a year like 2012 will soon even be the past. When I was a kid for example the 1950's were only thirty years away, now they are, well, you know, twice as long gone.

Even though the year 2013 may sound (or may not, perhaps you're all 2525, wahtever) futuristic and even though that future is only a couple of months away, it can be a rather nostalgic such - which would be if you keep the Fintage calendar on your wall.
Fintage is a Finnish community for vintage enthusiasts, for which I have made some work for. I also collaborated by making the layout for their calendar. vintge inspired calendar is called "Postcards From the Past", with photos shot and planned by member and photographer Jirina Alanko. The whole community has been working together, posing and participating. photos are coloured from black and white, inspired by how it was done back in the days. calendar is international so to say; in Finnish and English and without any national bank holidays or so marked in order not to confuse anyones schedule elsewhere.

I have one copy up for a giveaway, which I will send out anywhere in the world!

In order to enter you do the usual: leave me a comment on this post, and make sure you are reachable to me trough that comment in one way or another. Seriously, double check. The winner will be drawn randomly, so please make sure you also only leave me one comment in order not to mess things up.

If you however link and share the giveaway you can leave me a new comment (one per share) telling me where you've done so. You know the deal.

Time to enter is until Sunday, November 18. Good luck!

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