You  may remember the long pinafore skirt I have? A friend of mine got the same one but felt it did not fit her so she passed it along to me -ssometimes it's good with doubles of certain pieces of easy, everyday clothing. As the material on the skirt got rather floppy after the first wash already I thought I might as well turn the other one into a shorter skirt that'd go well with boots now in spring (and for autumn).

Snip snap with the scissors and a few rounds with the sewing machine and there it was!
And  I - of course -  made a pair of pockets for the skirt out of the cut-off hem.
If you cut a hem shorter (or the sleeves of an item)  it's smart to use the left overs for something to go along with the updated piece, especially if the fabric is patterned. If not pockets then you can make a hair band or scarf out of it.

The blouse is the basic top I revamped by sewing a lace appliqué on.

Dag chose the bangles for me and came and put them on.