Here's an outfit. So -I have this longer skirt that keeps me warm and boots that manage the weather and of course, as always, a beret on and thought that it's pretty whatever, timeless, kind of thirties in some ways and then it struck me: change the beret to a beanie (plus give me a floppy cropped knit to throw on or tie a white shirt in a knot around my waist) and there you have my dream look from about 1995!  Oh my, I laughed.

But I was indeed wearing something rather funny nonetheless, a blast form the past - I stumbled upon an old top of mine that I thought had seen the end of it's days a long time ago already. (Yes funny how you can manage to stuff away, make disappear actual physical, existing pieces of materia in your closet and then just 'stumble upon'  them again isn't it, suddenly they just lie there folded again?).

It's a vintage promo top of some sort for the eau de cologne 4711. (My great grand father imported it to Finland back in the days; you may remember we also have an old 4711 tin ad at home; there were a bunch of those in the wood shed at the summer house.) This was my mothers, she had this in the seventies, and I loved it to bits and pieces around the change of the millenium. It is so fine and ugly in the same time.

My skirt has suspenders (I thought I'd point it out in case you did not notice. Ha ha.) Such a skirt, long and plain with suspenders/straps, has been on my to sew-list for at least five-six years, but no luck in that departement so far. I happened upon this one online, and realised that after this many years it won't just magically put itself together by my machine, so I clicked it home instead. I was a bit sceptic first that the material would be thin and wobbly, unforgiving so to say, but it's thick and soft and I might be smart and click home a couple of more to store for later, the way I've started doing things now (whenever I remember , or don't feel too middle aged doing so); stocking up... You've read me say it before, fast forward forty years and there you have weird flower person crazy cat lady and a closet full of duplicates of a few items because "they were the good ones"... Also, if I'm ever to grow my belly again this would be a perfect piece of clothing to do so in, hint hint, for those of you who are for the moment. The skirt is from Sammydress.

Let's end this one with a bonus pic of Dag photo bombing my blog shot.

PS. my bold move to get myself a non-black beret as in this red one resulted in me misplacing or -gasp- perhaps even loosing the original black one. I feel almost naked without it now.