I got myself a new vintage dress kind of by accident, spotting it on the mannequin at Helsinki's smallets but most delicious vintage store. (That would be Hoochie Mama Jane.)  Long and soft with a bold pattern and with some dangerous cash in my pocket it had to be mine right there right .

I've been avoiding polyester since my teenage years in tight non-breathable seventies shirts but when it comes to certain garments - a flowing dress like this one- I have to admit it can acutally be rather comfy and soft against the skin.. So I let go of my old ban of 100% polyester. With a slight temptation to cut this one into knee-lenght, I am also letting go of my fear of long hems; the dress will remain ancle length. I see it with a big rolled up do, or 30's style waves, or my black turban; with heels, sandals or boots alike. Versatility rocks.